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سیستم های کنترلی B&R با دقت و سرعت بسیار بالا برای پوشش تمام نیازهای یک سیستم بصورت کامل و به بهترین نحو از کوچکترین برنامه ها تا کنترل CNC و ربات های صنعتی و برنامه های کنترل فرآیند.

    این سیستم ها صرف نظر از سخت افزار می توانند یک برنامه کنترلی را بصورت کامل برنامه نویسی و پیکره بندی کنند که این کار توسط سرو موتورهای B&R و تجهیزات کنترلی B&R سری X20 به همراه نرم افزار Automation Studio امری کامل به حساب می آید. سیستم های سری X20 با پردازنده اینتل یک سیستم کامل با تعداد زیادی ورودی و خروجی دیجیتال و آنالوگ ، بسیار جمع و جور و کاربردی می باشد. همچنین در این سری با ارائه مدل های X20c یک سیستم حفاظت شده برای کار در محیط ها و شرایط سخت از جمله فعالیت در بازه دمایی -25 الی +60 درجه سانتیگراد را فراهم آورده است.
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    X20 System

    X20 CPU

    from standard applications up to the highest performance class
    The optimally scaled X20 system CPU line satisfies a wide range of needs. It can be implemented anywhere, from standard applications to the most demanding applications with the highest performance requirements. It can even master cycle times of 100 µs.

    At B&R, RS232, Ethernet and USB are already standard equipment. Network capability and connecting USB devices are therefore possible at no additional cost. In addition, every CPU has a POWERLINK connection for real-time communication. The possibility to directly connect axes is already integrated. Although the standard features of the CPUs can handle the majority of applications, there are also up to three multipurpose slots for additional interface modules.

    Because the X20 CPU was designed for mounting rail installation in a control cabinet, up to 250 X20 I/O modules - 3000 channels - can be connected directly. This provides the highest performance as well as the advantages of the remote backplane.

    A power supply integrated in the CPU with I/O supply terminals provides power for the backplane and I/O sensors and actuators, eliminating the need for additional system components. With a direct I/O connection to an X20 CPU, you get all the advantages of the remote backplane, i.e. the ability to repeatedly place I/O line sections anywhere within 100 m using a cable or to add modules with IP67 protection.

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    Compact CPU

    extremely compact, surprisingly powerful

    With a width of 37.5 mm the X20 Compact CPUs are extremely compact, yet surprisingly powerful. Less powerful than the PC-based CPUs, there are several models of Compact CPUs available in 2 performance classes.

    The Compact CPUs are ideal for situations where cycle times in the millisecond range are acceptable and value is the deciding factor. A range of models with CAN and Ethernet can adapt optimally to all demands. The result: extremely sleek automation solutions.

    The Compact CPU's design and dimensions correspond to the X20 System. The X20 I/O modules are connected directly to the CPU. These are attached seamlessly to the CPU, making the entire system an extreme space-saver in the control cabinet. Despite the sleek profile, the CPU supply, the X2X Link supply, and the I/O module supply are integrated in the system. No additional power modules are necessary.

    All CPUs have at least two things in common: multitasking capability and programming with B&R Automation Studio using all relevant IEC61131-3 languages and C.

    Fieldbus CPU

    with integrated fieldbus connection
    Remote design of I/O systems is one of the standard topologies used in automation solutions for machines and equipment. In addition, fieldbuses with bus controllers are normally used. Larger topologies or standard fieldbuses like CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, or DeviceNet can cause relatively long response times.

    An input must travel via the bus controller to the CPU before it is processed. The output data must then return on the same path. This is sufficient for most I/O functions. However, this response time is too long for some functions. The best solution is for the bus controller to process the data. This type of data preprocessing is usually associated with limited CPU function in the programmable bus controller.

    Fieldbus CPUs with integrated fieldbus connections overcome these limitations. Fieldbus CPUs are variations of Compact CPUs. In addition to these features, there is also the option of connecting fieldbus modules to the left side. The full CPU function of the Compact CPUs plus a plug-in fieldbus module create many more possibilities than simply data preprocessing. There are enough reserves for relatively complex application processing. Intelligent substations are another area of use. That means a part of the machine part must continue to function, even when separated from the main controller.

    Based on the Compact CPU platform with up to 2 plug-in interface modules for the respective fieldbus connection, this results in a very compact (62.5 mm and 87.5 mm), powerful and intelligent fieldbus controller.

    X20 System coated


    Protected from environmental conditions - X20 coated
    With the X20c series, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions. This variant of the modular X20 distributed controller and I/O product line is protected against condensation and corrosive gases by a coating on the electronics module. The modules are suitable for use even in adverse atmospheric conditions.

    The coating on the electronics module protects the components and circuit board from the effects of condensation and corrosive gases. The effectiveness of protection against condensation is checked using the test specified in BMW GS 95011-4, and protection against corrosive gases using the 4-part corrosive gas tests specified in EN 60068-2-60, test method 4. The tests are completed both in the company testing lab, which is accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025:2007, and at certified external testing facilities. There, the products undergo further testing to check their durability – even beyond standard requirements.

    Independent of operating conditions

    The X20 family with coated circuit boards is completely compatible with existing X20 models with respect to functionality. Using a unique module ID, the application software can differentiate these devices from standard models. With the introduction of this line, B&R has proven for the third time in rapid succession – after the general expansion of the operating temperature range to -25 to +60°C and certification for maritime applications from Germanischer Lloyd (GL) – that they are dedicated to increasing their customers' return on investment by increasing the service life of the X20 system regardless of environmental conditions.


    MA170 system

    XMA CPUs

    Mobile and outdoor applications
    B&R continues the proven design of the X20 control and I/O system with the XMA product line, making it possible to use reliable B&R technology in mobile and outdoor applications – even in extremely harsh environmental conditions.

    Different product variants such as the MA170 system can be configured exactly as needed using XMA modules. The XMA series thus provides the perfect basis for implementing scalable automation solutions that meet every demand – from very simple to high-performance, distributed requirements.

    With an IP65 rating, the MA170 provides an extremely robust aluminum housing that also serves as a heat sink for power outputs and allows housing surface temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. The electronics are protected against shock and vibration as well as condensation.

    Decentralized networking is as flexible as it is powerful thanks to the standard CAN and Ethernet-based POWERLINK interfaces. To round it all off, the openSAFETY protocol allows the transmission of safety-related data – meeting all PLe safety requirements.

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    Power Panel

    Power Panel 400 embedded Integrated control, operation and visualization
    Compact and intelligent Power Panel devices are the first choice for automating small to mid-sized machines and systems with maximum component density.
    Power Panel 500


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