(Circuit Breakers (MPCB
حفاظت از موتور قطع کننده مدار در محدوده تحت پوشش تنظیم از0.1 تا 100 آمپر از وظایف آنهاست . آنها از16 محدوده تنظیم با دکمه و یا سویچ روتاری پشتیبانی می کنند.

    Circuit Breakers (MPCB)



    J7MN is a range of motor-protection circuit breakers from 0.10-100A

    The J7MN motor starters protect motors against thermal overload and short circuit. The Motor protection circuit breakers can be equipped with additional auxiliary contacts, front or side mounted. Other options are circuit trip alarm units, undervoltage and shunt release units. To make wiring easy we provide as well busbar system.

    - Available rated operational currents to 32 A, 63 A and 100 A

    - Switching capacity is mainly 50 kA/400 V or 100 KA/400 V

    - All Motor Protection Circuit breaker can be mounted on a DIN-rail

    - For the range to 32A we provide electro-mechanical links modules

    - All components are finger proof

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