Motor Contactors
این سری از کنتاکتور موتور را پوشش می دهد ، طیف وسیعی از کنتاکتور 4 تا 110 کیلو وات هستند که می توان از آنها برای تعویض نرمال و سنگین استفاده کرد.

Motor Contactors



Motor contactors from 4-500kW for normal and heavy-duty switching.

This modular system consists of main contactors and additional contact blocks. The basic units can be combined with auxiliary contacts. DC-DC versions, integrated mechanical interlock, are available as well as 3-main-pole and 4-main-pole versions.

- Basic units can be combined with auxiliary contacts (top/side - ounting

- 3-main-pole and 4-main-pole versions are possible

- The power range covers 4 to 500kW

- Different coil voltages (AC and DC)

- J7KN-10D to J7KN-22D models have integrated auxiliary contact for electronic circuits (3-pole versions)

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