Mini Motor Contactors
بخش کوچکی از شرکت امرن را طیف وسیعی از کنتاکتور 4 تا 5.5 کیلو وات تشکیل می دهد که موتور را پوشش می دهند.سیستم مدولار متشکل از کنتاکتوراصلی و بلوک تماس است.

    Mini Motor Contactors



    Motor contactors from 4-5.5kW for normal duty switching

    This modular system consists of main contactors and additional contact blocks. The basic units can be combined with auxiliary contacts (top mounting). Reversed versions, including integrated mechanical interlock, are available as well as 3-main-pole and 4-main-pole versions.

    - 4kW and 5.5kW versions are available

    - Different coil voltages (AC and DC)

    - Mini and normal-size versions are available

    - The contactors can be mounted with screw fixing and snap fitting on a DIN-rail

    - All components are finger proof

    Manuals -

    Download PDF J7KNA


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