Width-Measuring Sensors
سنسور لیزری هوشمند می تواند لبه ، قطر و یا موقعیت اشیا را اندازه گیری کند و نتایجی دقیق و با ثبات ارائه دهد .

    Width - Measuring Sensors



    Smart Laser Micrometer - Accurate and fast on all surfaces

    The new ZX-GT Smart laser micrometer complements Omron’s Smart Laser Measurement platform. ZX-GT is able to detect edges, measure diameters of objects and calculate precisely the position on all kind of materials. Based on CCD technology ZX-GT achieves high accuracy and speed under difficult environmental conditions. Transparent objects, reflective surfaces or different positions do not have an influence on the result. The PC Smart Monitor software helps to easily setup and configure the laser micrometer.

    - High accuracy: 5 – 10µm

    - All surfaces

    - Long sensing distance: < 500 mm

    - Line width up to 28mm

    - Calculation unit for multiple heads

    Datasheets Download PDF ZX-GT


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