Code Readers and Verifiers
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    Code Readers and Verifiers





    Type Barcode & 2D code reader Direct Part Marking (DPM) 2D code or barcode reader Date & Lot code verifier (text) All-in-one (barcode, 2D code, text, quality inspection, positioning)
    Housing material PBT housing PBT housing PBT housing PBT housing
    Key Features IP67, High performance imaging, Built-in lighting, Easy teach Recognition of direct part mark codes in metal, glass, PCB boards, etc Double speed suitable for fast production lines, Position compensation for angled print recognition easy set up of combinations of inspection, verification and positioning tasks (all-in-one)
    Manuals Download PDF FQ-CR1 Download PDF FQ-CR2 Download PDF FQ2-CH Download PDF FQ2-S4
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