نرم افزار Sysmac یک محیط توسعه یکپارچه فراهم می کند برای راه اندازی برنامه، اشکال زدایی، و حفظ کنترل سری NJ و تمام دستگاه های Sysmac دیگر.

    Sysmac Studio

    One Machine Software


    Description Created to give you complete control over your automation system, Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming and monitoring in a simple interface. This advanced tool drives the powerful new NJ-series machine automation controller giving you total control of the entire machine with one single and easy to use software. Network configuration, motion control, sequencing, machine monitoring and simulation are some of the key features integrated into the Sysmac Studio software package. One software to control and configure the entire machine with a single connection gives you the power and efficiency to develop and create like never before.
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